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Changing legal framework conditions in terms of sustainability as well as rising energy prices but also increased demands on your own risk management increasingly require you to operate your plants highly efficiently. This includes aspects such as continuous optimization of downtimes, maintenance and storage costs, or energy efficiency, for example. At the same time, it is important to act as flexibly as possible in the face of increasing pressure from changes in the market, competitors or technologies. The basis for successful long-term business is transparency and efficient processes.

Only a company-wide view of all available data, such as plant conditions, costs or key figures, enables rapid and qualitatively better decisions. Digitization offers a wide range of solutions that support plant operators in bringing the necessary transparency to the processes and key figures of the plant and at the same time making their own work planning and execution more efficient. Based on an enterprise asset management system, the possibilities currently range from the targeted use of sensors and condition monitoring to the establishment of an industrial IoT (IIoT) and the analytical support of asset sustainability performance management.

Enterprise Asset Management

We as a company enable you to optimally manage and optimize your physical assets such as plant and machinery. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance to reduce downtime, extend asset life and improve profitability. Let us help you make the most of your investment in physical assets.

Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management (APM) encompasses the capabilities of data collection, integration, visualization, and analysis with the explicit goal of improving asset performance and operational behavior. A practical approach to APM includes a variety of elements such as maintenance and reliability initiatives. Advanced APM solutions such as predictive maintenance systems, fault diagnostics, and asset optimization help improve asset performance and make operations more efficient.

Revision and downtime management

By optimizing the planning of inspection periods in terms of time, resources and costs, we can ensure that maintenance work is planned and carried out efficiently and downtime is kept to a minimum. Our EAM solutions provide tools and functions that enable companies to optimize the use of resources such as personnel and materials. At the same time, potential hazards and corresponding precautionary measures are taken into account to meet HSE requirements and ensure the safety of the people involved.







Dismantling 360°

Nuclear decommissioning projects are large-scale projects with long project durations and high complexity. During dismantling, various phases such as decommissioning, dismantling and residual material processing must be interlinked. Many people are involved in the process and the required data is usually distributed in a wide variety of systems.

Space Management

Space Management combines Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help companies organize and optimize their resources. It helps identify synergies and conflicts between activities and manage restricted areas, storage areas and temporary occupancies. CAD connections allow easier management of plans and drawings indoors, while map connections from GIS systems outdoors can provide a more accurate picture of the distribution of assets and resources across the area, including additional dimensions such as weather, weather forecasts or other environmental factors.

Digital Assistance Systems

Our EAM solutions offer a wide range of digital tools such as mobile applications, augmented and virtual reality technologies to make mobile maintenance and servicing of assets more effective and efficient. With our mobile apps, workers on site have quick and easy access to relevant information anytime, anywhere, and can document activities directly at the asset. AR and VR technologies improve the accuracy and efficiency of maintenance work and help optimize maintenance processes.

Digital Factory & EAM

The combination of enterprise asset management (EAM) and the digital factory provides companies with a comprehensive view of their assets and processes. This enables faster response to changes and improved decision making through real-time data and analytics. With this combination, maintenance activities can be optimized and made more efficient. Faults can be detected early and corrected before they lead to failure. This maximizes asset reliability.

Digital planning and construction processes

Digital design and construction processes, including, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital twins, can be used in the design and construction of facilities. Digital twins use models and data from the real plant to represent, predict and optimize its performance. By integrating BIM information, IIoT sensors can be placed in the plant to enable remote monitoring and control of construction projects. This can help track the progress of the construction process and detect problems early. The use of IIoT can improve the efficiency of the overall construction process and optimize plant performance.

Solution Partner

IBM Maximo enables holistic maintenance management along the entire process chain. Due to its configurability, Maximo is not only technically on a high level, but also individually adaptable and expandable. It provides a comprehensive view of all corporate assets in production, buildings, transport and IT. Based on the many technical possibilities of this solution and our many years of experience in IT consulting, we can offer our customers customized solutions.

HxGN EAM is an industry-leading asset management software that helps our customers optimize their maintenance. As a flexible IT platform, it accompanies all steps of the digitalization of their workflows. Through HxGN EAM, the performance of the assets remains continuously in view and deviations or performance problems are detected at an early stage. With our many years of experience in IT consulting, we adapt Hexagon EAM precisely to the needs of our customers so that all processes can be designed securely, reliably and transparently.

The openBMS is the tool that clearly divides the diverse individual tasks of the very complex operation of a nuclear power plant, designs them in compliance with regulations and organizes them in a controllable manner as an overall system. The safety and availability of a large-scale plant are determined by the quality of its operational management. The openBMS pursues the goal of transparently mapping, triggering and coordinating all processes necessary for the operation and maintenance of a plant. The economic and regulation-compliant planning, execution and documentation are supported and monitored by the openBMS.

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You are in good company

Whether corporate group or medium-sized company

Our solutions have been used in maintenance management for many years.

You are
in good

Whether corporate group or medium-sized company

Our solutions have been used in maintenance management for many years.