Insight Mobile

Insight Mobile®

Insight Mobile boosts work efficiency, data quality and productivity

The device- and EAM/ERP vendor independant mobile work management solution offers multiple views and perspectives. What you see and use can be build by configuration. The online/offline app utilizes your mobile device by simplifying digital processes.

Users are able to create new service requests, retrieve necessary data to get the job done properly and in a safe mode. Data entries are made easy so that more data is collected, the entered data is accurate and of high quality.

Backoffice gets information/feedback almost instantly and the whole work process is significantly accelerated.

Insight Mobile

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Functions the way the user works

Relevant data visible at a glance

Online / Offline capability

Predefined scenarios e.g.:
Maintenance work management, service requests, inventory, stock­taking, asset related documentation

No coding required

Configurable data model e.g.:
Assets, locations, workorders

Definable perspectives e.g.:
Tree navigator, checklist, record iterator

Instant sync


Individual filters

Push notification

Role / Userbased access

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