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Integrated spatial view of your assets

Insight Map extends and enhances the way of navigating through your EAM system such as IBM Maximo. It is an integrated mapping solution that allows using different maps, from a world map down to the floor plan of your site. Assets can be found by visually navigating through these maps. Users are able to find information in an intuitive way and data which are related to locations or assets are instantly available in the map’s location spots.

Insight Map
Insight Map

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Show map by simply selecting an asset or location

Select a location in Insight Explorer and the appropriate map including all locations/assets is shown.

Quick change to different floor

To navigate even faster, the Insight Map allows to switch the floorplans and directly start actions by using the integrated context menu.

Information at your fingertip

Shown asset/location display additional information e.g. status of work orders and service requests in the map.

Smart visualization

Insight Map is seamlessly integrated and shows data and actions you need without changing the application first.

High performance visualization

Using one of the most popular web mapping solutions ensures a rapid and smooth visualization of your facility.

Smooth navigation

Change floors, rooms and sections by only using the mouse. Magnify points of interest or zoom out to get a better overview.

Drag & Drop functionality

Insight Map uses the same configurable actions as the Insight Explorer. Therefore it is easily possible to position items from the tree into a map by using Drag&Drop functionality.

Add or modify assets positions

Need to position new items in your map? Find and select items in your Insight Explorer and drag and drop them to the appropriate position. New location coordinates are entered into the Enterprise Solution automatically.

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