Software Developer, Business Solution Open EnBW

What do you appreciate most about RODIAS GmbH?

I have been employed here since 34. I have always liked it very much, and I have always been satisfied, also with my colleagues. Furthermore, I have been able to reduce my working hours very flexibly for family reasons. That was never a problem. I have also been a member of the works’ council for a long time. In this job, I am also not aware of any case where colleagues had problems with reducing their working hours.

How would you describe the team spirit?

The exchange with colleagues works well, and I have always felt comfortable.

What do you like most about your work?

I really enjoy programming and delving into complex problems. Here I can work very independently and organize my work.

Is your performance adequately rewarded?

Overall, I am satisfied.

Would you recommend RODIAS GmbH as an employer to a friend?

I would do that in any case.