Software Developer, Framework Development

What do you appreciate most about RODIAS GmbH?

I especially appreciate the collegial atmosphere and the interaction with each other. I felt comfortable and accepted here from the very beginning.

How would you describe the team spirit?

Through Corona, everything is a bit difficult because many of my colleagues are in the home office. However, it’s not a problem at all to make contact through teams or to get help. The team spirit is very positive and accommodating, both throughout the company and in the smaller team environment.

What do you like most about your work?

I have learned a lot in the short time I have been working here. I am encouraged to pursue my goals and voice my opinion. Both our CEO and my direct supervisor encourage me to develop freely as a professional.

Is your performance adequately rewarded?

Yes, I am very satisfied with the salary and the personal recognition I receive here.

Would you recommend RODIAS GmbH as an employer to a friend?

Yes, in any case.